{04/01/2013}   New year ponderings

This time of year to me can be both melancholy and positive.  I probably spend too much time contemplating the bad things from the previous year instead of focussing on the good things that happened and that I would want to be ongoing.  This year, however, possibly owing to a combination of a hideous cold (ie distraction) coupled with having been away for new year’s eve, I feel neither melancholy nor positive; I am merely getting on with it.  I am wondering whether this lack of over-analysis is the way forward.

I met up with a friend yesterday for our third annual meet-up in Whitstable to write our new year resolutions.  I realised that I had largely forgotten my previous resolutions so duplicated them for this year and that most I had not achieved.  Ordinarily, this would have disappointed me but in an unexpected twist, I decided instead to feel positive about the fact I had actually done some things and that the failure to do others just made me really want to do them this year.  Last year, I started off really, really positive for maybe two or three months, then had a major slump before Easter and never perked up to the levels of the start of the year.  This year, I like to think it will work the other way round and I WILL read my resolutions every now and then to see if I’m remembering and sticking to them as all are achievable and all are things I do want to do.

Exchanging texts with another friend yesterday, she said that at the New Year’s Eve party she went to, one person announced that what you were doing over New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day would reflect your year ahead.  This proposition gets more preposterous the more you think about it, but I do like the idea that what you plan to do for New Year’s Eve is a reflection of how you like to spend your time, ie with friends/family/loved ones or in quiet contemplation on your own.  If this person’s deeply flawed theory were correct, I find it rather amusing to think that my year would be spent wearing as many thermal layers as I could get my hands on, clutching a plastic cup of champagne, listening to and watching more fireworks than I could ever comprehend possible while standing atop a hill in the centre of Reykjavik and with a cold so heavy I couldn’t even smell the fireworks.  However, the champagne, good friends around, being outdoors, particularly outdoors in Iceland, and snow are all things I would like to take with me throughout the year.

As for the concept of new year resolutions, I think it can be positive if you highlight things you want to achieve that are most definitely achievable.  In the past, I have merely written out a wish list of things I couldn’t possibly hope to fulfil.  I am sure I will spend some time in the next week or so pondering last year and what I want from this year, but it’s refreshing to feel a bit more laid back about it all than normal.  Though I really do think that is because my wretched cold is so consuming!


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