{06/01/2013}   Organising cutlery drawers

compartmentalising cutleryI had let my cutlery and utensils take over two drawers and I was losing control so, it being the beginning of the year, a time when I like to sort things, I took steps to create order.  I now have a most genius compartment system installed and it is now easy to find where things are.  This is a most satisfactory measure to have taken and I am loving the new look drawers.

Who would have thought cutlery drawers could annoy me as much as mine did?  The cutlery to eat with and sharp knives had order, everything else was haphazard and I was getting increasingly fed up of rummaging around for things.  I then found some drawer compartments that slot together so you can create compartments to suit your drawers (oh help me, I sound pitifully anal!).  This is so the way forward.

I know have (not in the photo) one drawer with a static utensil tray holding more every day cutlery.  The drawer in the photo is a series of individual compartments, slotted together (genius!) and it just so happens that they fit exactly into the drawers I have (genius!).  I now have a steak knives and forks area, string, elastic bands, bag clips, measuring spoons, drinks utensils, baking stuff, disposable cutlery and chopsticks in their own compartments.  I wish my own life had an order more like this.  I keep looking at the photo and feeling content.  I cannot believe, however, I am on my way to eking out a whole blog post on my cutlery drawer!

I often suspect I have too many utensils and certainly more than a lot of people but these are all the ones I use regularly.  I have put away ones I haven’t used in ages.  I have always been someone who likes to have the right tools for the job, as it were.  The only problem of late has been that I know I have X tool but haven’t been able to find it, which is a major flaw in the habits of a hoarder (me), particularly one who likes to use the right stuff for a job.

I now have two large drawers, a hook area, a large utensil pot and an “others” storage area for all my utensils and cutlery and I am in control of what is kept where.  This is how it should be, though I do realise I need an even bigger kitchen and not to move house again (yeah, right, I think about my next move all the time!).

Last night, a friend and I made dinner together and for once I was able to feel proud of my drawers and how easy it was to locate things, she even gave a suitably impressed “oooo” when she realised the brilliance of the individual, movable compartments.  Hurrah for 2013 and my new sense of order, long may it last!


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