{10/01/2013}   Photos of yourself

I am not a fan of having my photo taken and I am prone to “photo face” when a camera is pointed at me and my “photo face” is largely considered po-faced.  However, on going through photos of holidays, parties, etc, I always feel a bit disappointed to have so few photos of myself.  Then I think it would be somewhat vein to have photos of yourself, but I increasingly feel that seeing photos of yourself is an additional aide memoire to holidays, evenings out, etc, and I wish I had more.  That said, I have a photo wall at home and it always seems a bit wrong to have lots of photos of myself, though admittedly most photos of me are with other people or in really amazing places.

I love seeing photos of myself and of other people over a period of years and seeing how much we’ve changed, indeed how fashions have changed.  It irks me that I feel there is  a limit as to the number of pictures one can have of oneself.  If I went to someone’s house and most photos were of them on their own, I would think it odd, though seeing people with friends and families is different.  I guess there probably is a fine line between being vein and putting all your best/favourite portraits up and just having pictures of yourself up because you like the photo and the memory it evokes.

Most friends who come to my flat will have a look at my photo wall, probably largely to see photos of themselves or at least of events they too were at.  A photo is a wonderful reminder of good times (well, you wouldn’t display a photo that made you think of bad things), a possible chance to get a bit rose-tinted about years gone by and a reminder, sometimes unexpected, of things you’ve done.  My friend who stayed recently saw a few pictures of herself on my wall from maybe five years ago and we ended up having a happy reminisce about the time we spent digging up my allotment and the things that were going on in our lives then that we used to talk about while taking digging breaks, usually with a flask of tea and a packet of biscuits!  We did also comment on how we’d aged but that’s not an entirely negative subject matter.

Having recently come back from a mini break where lots of photos were taken, I did feel a bit annoyed with myself for not having passed my camera to my friends more to get a few more photos of myself as it’s almost like an opportunity to see yourself in the mirror and, to use a cliche, it very much puts you in the picture (weird thing to say, I know, but it kind of makes sense).  That said, I did have quite a few photos of me taken with my waterproof camera in the Blue Lagoon, resplendent in purple latex swimming hat.  I knew it wouldn’t be a good look but it was rather distressing to realise I looked dreadful in every single photo, thus emphasising my long-held belief that swimming hats on me (indeed on most people, I expect) look utterly awful.


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