{11/01/2013}   My life with George Clooney

I have often thought that I would like to be friends with George Clooney.  He’s not boyfriend material, partly because I have an issue with his lips and when you’re daydreaming it’s all about perfection, and he’s not perfect.  Last night I watched One Fine Day, a 1996 Clooney classic, for all its improbability, and I was just a little bit Georged, as ever.

So, yes, this is a bit of an ode to George Clooney.  Between 1994 and 1999 he was Dr Doug Ross on ER and he was with me through my university years (was it on 4 on Thursday nights?) and, well, I kind of loved him in that way you love people you don’t know and who are merely playing a character.  Since then he’s always been the benchmark, as in, “Oh, he’s no George Clooney”.

The thing about George Clooney (I can’t just write “George”, it has to be “George Clooney” – another stark reminder that I do not know him and never will, and for anyone who reads this and knows about my humiliation/unfunny joke fest on encountering Harry Hill will appreciate it would be best if I never, ever met George Clooney) is that he oozes old fashioned charm and he is – there is no other word for it – hunky.  And rather dashing and sexy.  And he rides a motorbike.  What’s not to love?  Except the lips.  There has to be something, right?!

Unfortunately for him and fortunately for me, in some ways, he has often been typecast as some kind of romantic hero, like in One Fine Day.  It’s great for eye candy and fanciability but he hardly creates a realistic vision of achievability, if you catch my drift.  Mind you, I did find it mildy distressing that he had his own hairdresser in One Fine Day.  I don’t recall his hair having changed throughout the film and it didn’t look like a complicated look.

But that said, he is always a pleasure to watch and, while he is unrealistically dashing, charming, flirty and lovely, sometimes it is light relief and a rather lovely fantasy world, whereby George Clooney and I canter off into the sunset like two teenagers (ahem!).  Yes, delusional, I know.

Another thing I like about George Clooney, or at least the characters he plays, is that he kind of embodies a modern day gentleman in that he has the old fashioned charm and ability to make you feel like the only person in the world, yet he wouldn’t expect you to stay at home and look after the house.  Ah, yes, the George Clooney bubble has been unburst for quite some years and if anyone has any horrible stories about George Clooney, I just don’t want to know.

So really, my life with George Clooney is not that exciting and it does seem a bit tragic that I want to be friends with him, but watching him (I know I am repeating myself) just makes everything seem a tiny bit better sometimes and I needed a George Clooney fix last night, so thank you Film 4.


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