{12/01/2013}   Having tidy table tops

The blue table that needs clearing!Why, why, why can I never have bare table tops?  I feel a need to pile things on bare surfaces and it drives me to distraction.  I just don’t seem able to clear table tops, and as soon as I do I feel a sense of relief as I loiter nearby with something that I need to place somewhere, so the table gets something placed on it.  Then once one thing is on it, more follows.  Then I clear it, often, foolishly, leaving one or two things on it, thinking that I’ll put them somewhere safe/sensible.  This then means the surface is not clear so more gets added to it.  It’s a thoroughly vicious circle and over the years of becoming a tidier person than I ever used to be, this is something that affects every living room I ever have.

I am looking at a cluttered table as I write this.  It does have some “important” things on it, for example two Christmas presents that I want out to remind me to give to the two people I haven’t seen since Christmas and who they are intended for.  There is also a pile of papers that I want to go through quickly before putting out for recycling, some magazines I have yet to read (see, they “need” to be left out to remind me to read them), a calendar (should really have a better home for that), some of those lovely toffee waffles that you rest over a hot mug of tea so they melt, a suitcase key and lock and a stack of blank CDs.  They look horrid and as my living room is otherwise quite ordered the table top stuff is, to me, an eye sore.  Yet for the past nine days things have been on that table and annoying me.

Is it possible to have a phobia of bare table tops?  I think that is my problem.  I am at heart a cluttery, untidy person who has managed to disguise those tendencies with time.  My theory is that how you were as a child is how you really are and my room was always a tip and my desk was hardly ever usable as a desk due to the mountains of stuff on it.  I think that is how I naturally am and it’s been discipline that’s made me a bit more ordered.

The good thing about writing about the state of that table (I should add that I have quite a few tables, more than is strictly necessary, and it’s usually – usually -only my desk and that blue table that I clutter) is that it is now annoying me so much that I am going to tidy it.  I might even consider moving it so it’s not on my way into the lounge, ie moving it somewhere I would have to detour to deposit stuff onto it!  It’s all about trick tactics and mind games with me.  But if it works, whoop de doo!


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