{13/01/2013}   Moving furniture around

Yesterday I tidied a table top, it then looked bare and out of place so I decided to move the whole living room around and now that table is in my bedroom and the lounge has been moved around quite a lot.  Chris was with me and I think that was the first time he’d ever witnessed me with a furniture moving bee in my bonnet.  I realise that I move my bedroom and living room around quite regularly, maybe once every four to six months.  I find it therapeutic and it’s also a good way to vacuum the previously under-sofa areas of the carpet.

I have no idea how many of my friends move things around, I have a suspicion most don’t move furniture around at all as I rarely, if ever, notice.  I like doing it because it makes me see rooms from new perspectives.  My living room looks quite a bit larger now, though I think some narrower thoroughfares may end up annoying me.  I am, however, hoping that by moving a tw0-seater sofa my cat has been sneakily using as a scratching post that was against a wall (against which she could lean while scratching furiously atop the back of the sofa) to not touching any wall, that she will be deterred from destroying it.  That sofa has its original 1930s upholstery, remarkably well preserved; in a few vigorous scratches, it is starting to look its age.

I have a vague recollection that I used to move the furniture around in the dolls house my dad made of our house so I’m convinced this is a habit I’ve had since I was a child.  I am also pretty certain I used to move my bedroom around.  Maybe the theme of moving furniture also stretches to my “thing” about moving house.  My landlord told me the other day that he is considering selling this flat next year.  Someone suggested I might want to buy it.  I was quite surprised by the force of my “No way” and that my reason for such a flat out no was because it wouldn’t be exciting to not move to buy a house.  I see my logic and I’m sure it makes sense, but I can appreciate that it would be a novelty not to have moving stresses when technically moving, ie from rented to mortgaged.  Having moved the furniture round, thinking about moving in a year at most, I am already looking at new homes!  Oh well, at least I have rooms big enough in this flat to have plenty of scope and room for manoeuvre so I can get my “home change” fix, or whatever it is that drives me into a frenzy of moving furniture.

It’s possibly a bit sad but last night I rather enjoyed sitting in different armchairs to see things from new seats!  I love it when such simple, cost-free things provide me with entertainment and enjoyment and can keep me amused for a good few more days!


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