{19/01/2013}   Candles

While clearing out drawers and cupboards at my mum’s house in my former bedroom, I found lots of candles and candle holders.  Most went to charity but a few I kept, thinking how nice it would be to use them again now.  Then for Christmas, my mum gave me a Christmas candle, which was a paper bag with a Christmas tree cut out of it with a candle in the bottom of the bag.  However, yes, this would have been a bit of a health and safety issue had the candle not been battery operated.  Sign of the times, eh?  But there was something calming about the gentle flickering of this battery powered candle that has got me lighting candles on a more regular basis.

At some point during my less youthful youth, candles must have been all the rage for I really did have loads of them and I do have memories of sitting in my bedroom with every candle I could find being lit.  That was probably as far as any hippy tendencies ever materialised, for I have a sneaking suspicion I may have sat calmly pondering life while the candles flickered around me.

As for the candle holders I retrieved from my childhood, I hadn’t used them for a while after bringing them home, but a few weeks ago I decided to have a night time candlelit bath.  Oh, I had forgotten what a lovely ambience it creates, so romantic and calming.  I loved it and was glad I’d made the effort.  I did the same for a few nights, then reverted to showers for a while and I’m now minded to start the candle burning bath time again.

For Christmas this year, along with my fake candle, I also got a few scented candles.  Now these I have also got quite into, though I don’t find they give off much in the way of fragrance, more so when they’re blown out and you get that lovely burning smell tinged with fragrance.

I had some friends round for dinner before Christmas and I made a tiny bit more effort than normal about setting the table.  I have two slightly grand candlestick holders which I had thought of using but, sadly, with all the dishes on the table there wasn’t room and they would only have ended up being moved off the table and out of the way.  Also, I discovered there were melted stubs of candlestick in the holders that would have been challenging to remove, plus my childhood candle collection did not stretch to fancy candlesticks.  Which, incidentally, are rather expensive these days, particularly if you opt for fancy colours.

I am convinced candles are going to make a major come-back, and not just the smelly ones.  There really is something calming (except in a stiff breeze), mellow, peaceful and relaxing about candle flames and there are few things that can make me as delightfully sleepy as a hot pre-bed bath with candles lit around the bathroom.


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