{21/01/2013}   Moaning about the weather

Yesterday, I was in weather heaven and was outdoors from about 9.30am until 2pm, then 2.30pm until almost 5pm.  I had a veritable spring in my step, I was dressed in warm clothing, my snow boots kept my feet warm and dry and everywhere was quieter than normal for a Sunday (Columbia Road was very quiet, as was Brick Lane and even the queue in the bagel shop was short.  But, best of all, it snowed the whole time I was out and the snow got thicker and thicker and stayed on the trees.  I mean, this is the stuff of winter wonderland fairytales.  Yet all I heard all day was people complaining about the weather.

I expect there will be issues getting in to work today and maybe the pavements will now all be slushy, the buildings and traffic will heat up central London and the snow will fall off the trees and everywhere will lose its snowy magic, but yesterday was an almost perfect day.  It was only the low white snow haze  that spoilt it a tiny bit.  I am a cold weather person, I am designed for between zero and minus ten degrees, though with appropriate clothing and effective heating indoors.  A few people in shops tried to engage me in a “bad weather” rant but this year I’ve decided I’m not going to lie any longer and join in the moans; I am going to tell everyone how bloody marvellous I find it.  There aren’t that many people who can appreciate that it is only with this kind of weather that I’m not hot all the time.  It’s a joy and a relief to not be too hot.

There were three people in shops I spoke to yesterday who went off on one about the weather but on telling each of them that actually I was loving it, that topic of conversation changed once they’d got over their shock.  Yes, so it’s just about small talk but really, wouldn’t it have been obvious to see I was loving it?  I mean, I was beaming and bouncy in ways I rarely am.  The weather really does affect your mood.  Snowy days and cold blue sky days are my favourites and they are the days it’s almost a given I’ll be in a good mood.  I live in the wrong country.  I always knew I was destined to live in Iceland!

However, I say all this and I know that there are people who genuinely struggle, from affording to keep their homes warm to being forced to drive to try to get to work in perilous conditions.  I am lucky that I have a place to stay in London that, if I really, really had to, I could walk to work from.  In other words, my daily life isn’t as affected as some people’s by snowy conditions.  Mind you, if all goes hideously wrong with the train, I am late to work and everyone else has managed to get in, I will be mortified and there may be a slight tail-between-the-legs scenario.  But in terms of the loveliness of it all, the temperature and how it made me feel yesterday, I won’t be quite as distressed as I should be if I don’t get in to work (walking would take too long if I were already late!) or my job cancels or finishes early.  I get so few days a year like this that I am no longer going to encourage moaning conversations about the weather with people I’m making small talk to.  Yes, I’m making a stand, herumph!


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