{22/01/2013}   Sticking to new year resolutions

I know, I know, it’s only 22 days into the new year but I feel mildly optimistic that some of my new year resolutions are going to plan.  As I wrote that it did occur to me that the weight of that statement would be far greater if I were writing this in, say, July.  No matter, I feel quite pleased with myself that I have this year tried to keep my resolutions in mind, as opposed to what I usually do, which is write about them and forget them until I check them to write the next year’s.  You see, a friend and I meet up on or around 31st December and write our new year resolutions, checking first our old ones and, as I did this year, re-writing quite a few them, most of which I’d forgotten I had even wanted to do.  Dreadful.

Already, and possibly aided by having written a blog post about it, I have over-achieved where the reading of books is concerned.  I had wanted to read a book a month, which I thought was more than achievable and thoroughly realistic.  I am now on book three and have really enjoyed making more time to read.  I am still niggled by the ridiculous fact I am writing this a mere three weeks since first deciding my resolutions!  Oh well, at least my resolutions will be firmly in mind!

I used to write new year resolutions that were not achievable really but this year my resolution friend made me change some of mine to make them more achievable.  I like that as it’s made me somewhat pleased with myself to already be over-achieving, ie where books are concerned.  I had written “read more book”.  She said this was too vague – she was right – so I decided to give myself a realistic goal of at least one book per month.

This is really tragic but I thought to write about all this because of the book reading thing and how proud I am of myself.  Can I remember any of my other resolutions?!  Yeah, right!  I know there was a healthy eating one, which by my standards isn’t going too badly.  I am continuing to take my own lunches in to work, so so far so good.  I have also not thrown away any wasted food this year, so another tick, but I can’t imagine that one continuing.  I am probably drinking less alcohol, but I have a friend staying this week and – to be sociable, don’t you know (!!!) – I have lapsed slightly.  Quite a bit.  Ish.  I have done quite a bit of walking, in large part because of the joy of snow and being outdoors in it (yes, the trains were a challenge last night and I expect this morning won’t quite go to plan either). I have even written letters this month already.  By heck, I’m on the ball.  I really should re-read my list to focus more on others because there were about 20.  Is that too many?  Anyway, they were and are all things I wanted to do and even if I only over-achieve on one resolution, I will be happy.  I have low standards, don’t I?!


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