{09/02/2013}   Shopping for old stuff

With my recent candle obsession, I have decided I need (yes, need) a candelabra or somewhere between two and four heavy candlestick holders.  Today, I am on a mission to go rummage shopping in Hastings old town and come away with the goods, as it were.  I am after other things too but the candlestick thing is my main goal.  I am very much looking forward to this shopping trip and being in Hastings but I fear disappointment on the shopping front.

I am also hoping to find (after about a year of looking) a small table with a shelf so I can put my gramophone on the top and the 78s below.  This would be a bonus to find, having spent so long looking.  I would also be very pleased to find some old cookery books as there is a man who often sells some decent ones.  There are a few other things I would like to find but I feel a bit greedy shopping for all this stuff.  However – yes, I’m on a roll – I would like a Victorian writing slope (they seem somewhat popular on eBay at the moment and can be horribly expensive and I do wonder if that is taking my letter writing phase a little too far!), some aubergine-coloured slippers (from Butler’s Emporium – I love them, they’re Moroccan – they’re not old though and I was on an old stuff theme) and … well, anything that looks nice or interesting.  And I wonder how and why I have as much miscellaneous stuff as I do.  Ho hum.

I used to be somewhat dismissive of rummage and “antique” shops but now I love them, in part because it’s so incredibly satisfying when you do find something you really want and you just have to buy it because it’s unlikely to come up again.  When I have my own cafe, I hope I will be able to fill it with stuff from rummage/house clearance shops, though I could probably make a good start already with the amount of “Ooo, that’s nice” stuff that I buy in places like that.  I keep getting this niggle that 2013 is supposed to be my year of saving and being sensible with money.  For now, this is all talk anyway, it’s not like I’ve actually bought any of this stuff!

I think another thing I appreciate nowadays about shopping in “old stuff” shops is that they are like museums.  I think I have learnt a lot from my junk shop visits, especially when you get talking to shop owners who actually know about the things they’re selling.  I have written about Alastair Hendy’s Home Store in Hastings before but he has also done up a Tudor house at 135 All Saints Street to resemble the house as it should have been when it was first built.  I love the idea of having a Victorian house like that, though it would need central heating, toilets, showers, etc for me to live in it!  But buying the stuff to go into it would be so much fun.

So off we go to Hastings for “old stuff” shopping, I hope I get at least one thing on my wish list!


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