{10/02/2013}   Shopping for old stuff: my haul

My "useful" purchases from Hastings old town.: candelabra, Indian spice tin, porthole (ahem), tin bowl, sandwich tin and bobbin (ahem)The 2013 budget is going well (if I replace my food budget with my stuff budget – oops).  The shopping trip to Hastings was largely successful (if success is measured by how much I bought) but I got rather more than I set out for and went majorly off-list.  However, much fun was had and I am now poised to clean then integrate my finds amidst my other “stuff”.

You may have spotted from the photograph that there is a porthole.  I can see this might not be deemed necessary, and indeed doesn’t remotely resemble anything on my list, but I’ve always had a bit of a thing about portholes so thought it would be nice to own one.  I will now spend the afternoon cleaning it and wondering where on earth I’m going to put it!  I might at some point consider doing some electrics and making it into a light, which is how I saw a porthole being displayed in a shop yesterday.  I’m just not sure I’m electrically minded!  Oh well, it could be the first and it could even by my calling; I said I wanted a career change.

There is a blue and white tin in the photo.  Believe it or not I’ve often almost bought one of them.  It’s an old sandwich tin.  Being as I love lunch boxes, this is a fantastic addition to my growing sandwich box collection.  I will at some point use it.  The rubber seal is intact and, unusually, the original sticker is still on the front and in reasonably good condition considering how old it is.  This fine specimen of a very useful tin sandwich box is Belgium.  At least this purchase has a use, unlike my porthole!

I can see one might question the usefulness of a large wooden bobbin but it is a delightful addition to my index drawer table.  I am sure the bobbin will soon be transformed into a talking point in my  lounge.  I rather like bobbins, oddly.  Yes, yes, all “stuff”, I know, I know.

From the bobbin shop, though not photographed as I was wearing them, I did get the Moroccan slippers I wanted and they were in the sale and they were in the colour I wanted, aubergine.  Stylish, warm feet … though the cat keeps going wild for them, which is slightly alarming.

There is also an old tin washing basin.  I am mildly obsessed with tin/enamel ware.  I liked the colour and old look of this and might use it as a huge salad bowl.  Or I could use it as a bowl as I only have a smaller plastic one that looks horrid compared to this one.  So, credit for it being something I can and will use.  Unlike the porthole!

The candelabra is modern and bought new.  I saw it and loved it, but by that time was feeling I’d bought far too much.  Chris then hurried me out the shop, announced he needed the loo and shuffled me off down the street to meet him in a few minutes.  When he found me, he gave me a bag with the candelabra inside.  I was really touched and, as you can see from the candles in it, it’s been used already.  In fact, in a moment of old versus new, last night we had the candles lit in a modern candelabra and listened to 78s on a 1930s gramophone!  How classy are we?!  So a big tick that I got a candelabra.  It wasn’t what I had in mind – I think I was thinking Cluedo style heavy candelabra – but it’s lovely and much nicer than all the other ones I had looked at, which were old.

As for the circular tin (Brass?  Copper?) round thing, I was really pleased with that find.  It’s (apparently) an early 20th century Indian spice tin.  I wanted to buy this when I first saw it but couldn’t think how I could use it.  I then wondered if the metal cups I currently have Indian spices in would fit inside.  I thought they wouldn’t but decided to buy it anyway because I loved it.  Turns out I can get six of my seven spice tins inside it.  Hurrah, another lovely and useful find.

So, yes, I did go on a bit of a stuff rampage but I did go there with the purpose of shopping for some new old stuff (and indeed some new stuff, as it turned out).  I am really pleased with my haul and it’s only one thing, the bobbin, that I feel is a hit or miss purchase.  Right, off to clean the brass.



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