{12/02/2013}   The art of eating pancakes

I have read the blogs of two friends who wrote about pancakes, there is pancake marketing in all food shops I’ve been into over the past week and I love pancakes.  So I had a Fat Monday yesterday.  I will be having a Fat Tuesday today and as I’m not religious, I may even stretch to a Fat Wednesday.  I pretty much always make pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and always think how much I love them and that I should make them more often, hence yesterday’s precursor to tonight’s dinner.  However, much as I like to think I am open to suggestions, I’m not when it comes to pancakes.

Yesterday, it being lunch time, I contemplated what I could have for lunch.  Nothing appealed but the thought of pancakes was still looming large so I decided to make pancakes.  Once the batter (apparently enough for two, pffff)  was made and toppings on the table ready, I made a mug of tea.  I then made four pancakes and ate them all before I’d even had a sip of tea.  Actually, it would be more accurate to say I inhaled them.  Oh my they were good, as pancakes always are.  If you do them properly.

By properly, it’s not so much about the batter, though that does have to be freshly made but it’s not exactly challenging, it’s more about the toppings and how the pancake is consumed.  I am aware I may be opening myself up to ridicule as I fear not everyone is completely anal about how they eat pancakes, but I’m pretty sure there are a few people I can think of who may know exactly where I’m coming from!

At the ready was a bowl of grated mature Cheddar, a freshly squeezed lemon and a bowl of sugar.  I had two savoury and two sweet and, as ever, I was desperate to finish the savoury ones so I could have the sweet ones!  But it would be wrong to not first have the savoury ones and I do love them.

With grated cheese pancakes, I put the cheese on just under half the pancake, then fold it in half and, if the pancake isn’t hot still I put the cheese-filled half on the pan for long enough to melt the cheese a little bit.  I then eat … devour.  And do the same again.  It has been known for me to prepare the second one and get it heating up while I sit down to consume the first one.  You have (read “I have to” – by including everyone, I feel slightly less fussy!)  to eat pancakes in the kitchen or as near to the hob as you can possibly be for a cold, soggy pancake is a huge disappointment.

Once the two savoury pancakes are devoured, it’s time for the treats, the lemon and sugar pancakes.  Or maybe I should say sugar and lemon pancakes because I’m a firm believe in sugar first, then lemon juice!  I’m sure everyone has an order to putting sugar and lemon on pancakes?  For me it has to be the sugar because you can see the dry sugar on the pancake so know how much you’ve put on.  As you pour over the lemon juice, you see how much juice you have on as it absorbs the sugar and becomes an almost translucent mass of sticky loveliness.  But it must not be forgotten that you eat a lemon and sugar pancake with the pancake fully opened, ie as a circle; it would be wrong to fold a lemon and sugar pancake in half.  I have never worked out if this is because it seems like you get more pancake when you eat it as a circle than a semicircle or whether … well, I don’t really know why it seems wrong to fold it but it does.

Now I have exposed myself as “a bit fussy” when it comes to pancakes, I would like to add that if I eat pancakes out, I don’t care how they look and I go wild (ish) with the fillings and don’t have just lemon and sugar.  Actually, whenever I’ve eaten at pancake restaurants I’ve only ever had savoury pancakes.  In France, I will have a crepe cone, often a crepe suzette.  Oh dear, I do have some issues about the eating of pancakes beyond those I have at home!  But who cares, pancakes rock and so what if to me a lemon and sugar one tastes better unfolded!


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