{15/02/2013}   How (not) to look stylish in the rain

I tend to err on the side of practicality over style but
sometimes I want to demonstrate a bit of style, but it’s in rain that I have
always struggled most to be stylish. 
Yesterday morning it was apparent that the fine rain would get me wet
and that the wind would render an umbrella useless.  I do have an effective and actually
thoroughly presentable waterproof coat (it’s a posh, down outdoorsy parka type
coat – the most expensive but most effective coat I have ever bought for proper
winter weather) but I get too hot in it and yesterday was mild.  As far as I could tell, my only other option
was a warm jumper, a scarf and a not remotely stylish but hugely practical wind
and waterproof jacket, in other words, an anorak.

It was a veritable dilemma, I tell you.  I had three coats out: a lovely, stylish wool
coat (a nightmare in rain, but could an umbrella work?); a waterproof,
too-insulated for milder weather, ok-looking down coat; a selection of layers,
wrapped finally in a 100% water and windproof sensible jacket.  I took the too-hot option, kept dry on the
outside and sweaty on the inside! 

But do you see my dilemma? 
I have often contemplated a mac and have looked at them.  They don’t really suit me and I am not at all
convinced they are waterproof.  Plus,
they tend to be more spring/autumn in terms of warmth levels; they look so
thin.  I may have a problem staying cool
but if I’m inadequately coated, I do actually get cold occasionally.

As I often do, I take note of what other people are wearing.  Most women seem to just wear their normal
coats or jackets and use an umbrella. 
Men seem more inclined to wear anoraks (it’s that word, it sends shivers
of “Geek” down my spine) but I think most of them just wear their normal
clothes.  One man, however, got on the
train yesterday in head to toe rain protection. 
He then spent a while taking his crunchy waterproof trousers and jacket
off to reveal a smartly dressed, dry and stylish outfit.  A bit superhero in a way.  On the downside, along with a nice bag, he
also had a rucksack full of wet shoes and waterproofs.  He may have walked to the station and got on
the train looking an anorak, but he got off the train looking very respectable.  I, however, am not going to adopt that

Maybe I should invest in one of those fancy
galeproof umbrellas, bite the bullet, go out and get wet but at least be
wearing a decent jacket.  But I really do
hate umbrellas.  Plus I’m prone to leaving
them behind.  See, it’s a vicious circle
for me, nothing is right.  I guess I
should continue my search for a perfect not-too-warm waterproof coat – it has
to be past the bottom, I hate water pouring off jackets and soaking my bum or
upper thighs.  I am making myself sound
really fussy but surely this is a concern everyone has?  Right? 
I wonder if anyone has a full coat and jacket collection for every
weather eventuality.  I am at least
getting there; this waterproof but stylish but not too hot issue is the only
one outstanding to solve on the jacket/coat front!


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