{19/02/2013}   A short (ish) visit to Space NK

Being as I was passing a Space NK with time to spare, I thought I’d go in, having only ever been in there with a friend who was merely making a purchase, ie not loitering/testing.  There is promise of so much and, having just had extraordinarily awful passport photos taken, I was feeling in desperate need of miracle cures.  Yes, a very, very bad time to go into a shop offering false promises at genuine promises prices.

I was only intending to slather on a few samples and proudly exit the shop without succumbing to some kind of magic cream, but with my lack of purpose I was an easy target for a helpful staff member and before I knew it I was atop a chair having a mini facial.  Yes, I was lured into a world of facial souffles and brightening creams, and, yes, the last occasion I had time to spare and was caught browsing at LHR Terminal 5, I ended up with an array of overpriced creams that not only didn’t do as they said on the box, they gave me a red blotchy face which I refused to acknowledge every day on the grounds that it was (a) made by a “doctor” and (b) that I was promised it would be good for my skin so no pain/no gain and (c) at that price, how could it not work?  Duped.

The nice lady at Space NK did a brightening test on my left hand.  The exfoliating brightening cream (it was of course explained to me how, ahem, it brightened things, all natural, ahem) was wiped off after a few minutes and without a shadow of doubt my left hand looked astonishingly younger than my right.  Softer was one thing, but younger and more even and she just knew I’d be buying a tub of that.

As for my face, using the same brand (one for sensitive skin and lacking a long list of chemical ingredients I know I shouldn’t use) I was cleansed and moisturised.  There was nothing spectacular about that but I was then left without make up so thought I would take the opportunity to sample some foundation.  She went for tinted moisturiser and a white powder that allegedly set the moisturiser.  As far as I’m concerned, that didn’t work.  I sweat profusely on my face and the setting powder did not work, even for as long as it took for her to apply it and me to reach for the mirror.  At least I didn’t have feel I should buy that stuff too!

I was actually quite pleased with myself for only making two purchases, the cleanser (I needed a new cleanser) and the “Facial Glow” (I didn’t have one of them, unsurprisingly – that was the hand brightening exfoliator).  I made my purchases and was relieved not to have been taken to particularly expensive products.

However, about 30 minutes later I saw a friend and told her about my trip to Space NK, she gave the knowing “you didn’t leave there without spending money, did you” look.  I produced one of my lovely boxes and told her how much younger one of my hands looked, to which I proffered my hands and asked her to guess which was the young hand.  As I looked myself, I realised they both looked the same – that wretched cream only lasted long enough to get me out the shop via the till – and in the end she actually pointed to the old hand as the young hand.  Oh very dear.  However, this morning, believe it or not, my left hand looks and feels better/younger/smoother than my right and, as I applied it to my face last night, I will clearly be asked for ID the next time I buy alcohol … right?!

PS.  If Annette reads this, yes, I blame you for taking me into Space NK the other week, though I know you blame Sarah for getting you in there in the first place, so I blame Sarah too.  And, yes, I am now in possession of a loyalty card too!!!!


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