{31/10/2013}   The Hair Loss Diaries – Day Two

Today I got my first ever sponsorship donations and I am on an unexpectedly giddy high as a result.

I sent out a mass group email yesterday and I am sorry to say that I did email a fair few people I haven’t been in touch with for a while.  However, it clearly paid off as my first two donations are from friends I don’t often see or contact.  Thank you very much, Bruce and Ben, for being my first two sponsors.  EVER!  I am touched and hugely appreciative of your generosity and for responding to my out of the blue email.

I have also now had more than one person enquiring as to what I’ll do if I don’t raise my target of £1,000.  While my day two high of setting all this up and getting my first donations in cannot be stubbed out completely, the issue of what to do if I only get £343 is looming large.  I have decided to increase my donation time from three months to one year (during which time at least my hair will grow and I will get through another winter with the warmth of my hair).  If I don’t get it within the year, I guess I will have to just do it, but I will resort to drastic fundraising tactics before I give up on the £1,000.

This morning, knowing that more people now know what I’m planning to do, I decided to make my hair look as long and shiny (the latter part failed due to wind and drizzle) as possible.  It worked as I had one observation as to how long my hair currently is and I only actually saw three people I know today anyway!

I have also been checking out hair in general.  I am now hoping even more that my hair will grow back differently, perhaps thicker, more shiny and a nice, healthy brown.

In short, I have now become obsessed with hair.  And checking my sponsorship page.  And talking/emailing about it with absolutely anyone who engages me in conversation on any matter, however unrelated.

I fear this blog could end up a smidge less exciting than I had envisaged.  I’ll keep it short in future!

Thank you for my current donations, for the emails and texts I have received and for the encouragement.  It’s all hugely appreciated and I am thoroughly enjoying all this at the moment!


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