HairOh dear, this is the third consecutive day without sponsorship, so still on £2,570.  But, hey, there are still TWO WEEKS *gulp* before the big shave and I will keep the fundraising page open maybe a month after that.

I met up with two friends today so had plenty of hair chat.  I will, surely, stop being a hair bore by the end of 2013?!

Today’s overriding thought was along the lines of: [expletive], my hair is all coming off two weeks today.  Indeed, this time in two weeks will be my first Saturday night without my natural hair accessory.  Two weeks is the length of a “normal” holiday and holidays whiz by.  But for one day more I can say that I will be bald next month, which seems a way away still …

Go on, donate, please don’t leave the fundraising page untouched for four days!


Still on £2,570 and hoping it will start inching upwards towards £3,000 …

Despite making a bit more effort than usual with my hair of late to appreciate the length I won’t have for quite some time (years!), I really am ready for it to go.  I have thought about shaving my hair off for most of this year and I would estimate it’s taken me about seven months to get my head around the idea of not having hair.  It has made me so massively thankful that this has not been forced upon me with very little notice, ahead of chemotherapy for example.  Even though I want this (in a way), it has still taken me that long to get accustomed to the idea.  I keep wondering if I’m being a bit melodramatic about having no hair as there are more people than I’d ever previously noted without hair, so there’s nothing new or unusual about being bald or having very short hair.  But it needs to be your decision to do it for it to be ok.  I am realising more and more and more just how awful it must be to be facing hair loss when you do not want it.  It’s not quite Samson and Delilah in that with the loss of hair you lose power.  But, definitely not so much for me as it’s my choice, you do lose something about your previous self confidence and sense of self.  I guess it’s then about finding your way with your new look and new feeling in your day to day life.  So, yes, I am ready but only as ready as one can ever be before stepping off into the unknown … 15 days to go …


I had a sinking feeling yesterday, when I wrote about usually getting a donation a day, that today there would be no donations. Or was it that I posted a photo of a rhino rather than a cute cub?  Either way,  I have that slightly pathetic feeling of disappointment that, in the circumstances, is totally unfounded.  However, I am still optimistic about reaching £3,000, needing £430.

I am not enjoying writing this from my stupid touch screen phone.  The amount of time I have spent writing this should mean I have written an epic post.  I haven’t.  And I’m not even going to add the donation link as I can’t face cut and paste.

Thank you.



Rhino at Port Lympne - an animal that's happily baldUnbelievably, there seems to be an average of one donation per day.  Thanks to today’s sponsor, the fundraising total is £2,570, leaving “only” £430 to raise.

I had an amazing walk through Port Lympne Animal Park today.  The photo with this post is of a rhino (obviously!), an animal that looks, erm, lovely with no hair.  People like animals, right, and are more likely to donate … though I fear I’d raise more if I had a photo of the kitten I saw (from a cat similar to a household tabby that begins with an M – it meewed while its mum devoured a yellow chick), the baby monkey thing (did I learn nothing from the plaques I read?!) or the very cute red pandas … Oh well, maybe the rhino will bring the donations pouring in tomorrow?!

£2,520 so I officially have LESS THAN £500 to raise in two and a half weeks.  Surely, surely, surely that’s possible?!

Would you believe it, no ramblings to anyone about my hair other than a thank you to today’s sponsor.

My major hair thought was around my holiday in California and Mexico over December/January and what kind of hat I will wear in the sun with a near bald head.  I don’t have any stylish summer hats.  This will require a little thought and planning.

Yowzer, 19 days seems more than one day closer than 20 days!

Still the donations come in, whoop whoop!  A huge thank you to the two lovely sets of sponsors today (and I’m pleased I know who today’s “anonymous” is).  The total has now reached what to me feels like a mini milestone, £2,500.  “Only” £500 to go.  Surely, with sponsorship still coming in, another £500 will be possible?

I have just blow dried my fringe off my face to introduce myself to the concept of more skin on display.  The result is not remotely pleasing.  I look like I’m stuck in a wind tunnel, so I guess it’s vaguely positive as no hair won’t ever look wind tunnelled.  I may have to revert to fringe down for tomorrow.  Anyway, another positive is that the novelty of experimenting with hair styles, etc, is wearing thin so I am at least feeling even more ready to channel my inner baldie!

£2,450 and it keeps on going up.  With “only” £50 to go until £2,500, I am feeling mildly confident that, having got almost half way through another £1,000 increment, the £3,000 will be raised.  Fingers crossed anyway!

Today I largely looked forward to not having long hair (I carried luggage today and got my hair caught under the straps on more than 87 occasions, or so it felt!), though I did find myself enviously eyeing up a hairstyle on a fellow train passenger today that I thought I’d like … I then worked out it would be about 2016 before my hair could be like that, whereas in one snippety snip session right now, it would be there already.  Oh well, isn’t it right that you appreciate things the longer you have to wait for them?!

Apparently, hair grows at roughly 0.5 inches per month, on which basis 6 inches per year. *sigh*


£2,425 and it’s still going up and up, slowly but surely!  Thank you to my mum for her second sponsorship and to my Uncle Eddie.

Today at Alnwick Castle (inconveniently closed until March 2014 as the owners reside in it over winter), I felt the Hogwarts stones at the front gate and wished for magic hair to grow back … starting THREE WEEKS from today, gulp! 




Today (I am writing this about 12 hours late so pretending it’s still Friday night!) I had about five hours on the train and, once I’d exhausted my activities bag after three and a half hours, I took to gazing out the window contemplating my hair.  It didn’t last long.  I think I am just ready to get it cut off, though it being quite cold once I exited the train at Sunderland and not having a hat with me, I did appreciate the warmth from my hair.

Today we are largely going to Hogwarts.  I will be performing wizardry whereby my hair will grow back thick, glossy, dark brown, wavy and without a trace of grey.  Or I might try blonde.

£2,345; what a lovely-looking figure, 2345!

I think I only had two conversations about my hair today – no, three.  What on earth will I rattle on about once my hair has grown back?!

Tonight I am largely looking forward to visiting friends in County Durham tomorrow and feeling relieved I still have hair insulation as it looks like it’s set to be colder up there!

Thank you to today’s three sponsors.  Only £155 off £2,500 and that’s … erm, it’s not half way but as I only ever hoped to get £1,000, it’s half way in that regard.

et cetera