{01/11/2013}   The Hair Loss Diaries – Day Three

Demonstrating large head (admittedly enhanced by hair being tucked in hat) but proof enough my baldness will not be pretty so pity-sponsorship required!The initial buzz of all the sponsorship excitement, emails etc of support, has largely waned.  And I almost forgot I was going to write a blog again every day, now remembering how hard that was to do for the 14 months I did it before.  Ho hum.

However, I spent the afternoon with my official hair cutter and shaver, Angela.  Another friend had suggested having a bit of a social gathering for the big event (which I hadn’t actually thought much about) and Angela and I had a chat about that and have decided it would be fun to make an afternoon of it … I am sounding a little too Desperate Housewives/WI/ladies who lunch, perish the thought.  But, sadly, I am quite liking the idea of a few people around, eating cake, drinking tea and trying not to look too aghast at my baldie!

Anyway, once the £1,000 mark approaches (despite being very excited about all the donations I have so far had, the reality of the enormity of raising that much is starting to hit), I will sort a date and see if anyone fancies sharing my horror!

Oh dear, all sense of purpose and structure to this post has gone completely out the window.

So, having for the first time actually thought about the process of hair removal, Angela pointed out that once the sections of hair are cut to the requirements of Little Princess Trust wigs (ie a few pony tails cut at the roots), I will have very odd hair, ie long bits and short bits in weird circles.  I told Angela I’ve always wanted a mohican (I’m not sure that I have “always” wanted a mohican but hey ho) so I will hopefully have enough hair left to get a mini-mo.  She then suggested imitating a few celebrity cuts, eg a Pink … ending up, obviously, with a Sinead O’Connor!  Might as well make it fun!

So that’s the extent of today’s update.

I will now look for a photo of me in a swimming hat to try to encourage more donations, going for the pity donation!



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