{02/11/2013}   The Hair Loss Diaries – Day Four

Today I largely felt sorry for myself as I received no new sponsorship donations and, now that I have in mind I am ready to shave it all off, I want to get on with it and get going.

However, I had a new ear to bend about it all today.  Though it makes me fear I have hair bore potential!

I have no real developments to report today but I did spend about 30 minutes in Boots trying to find a hair product that would make my hair look like a glossy mane.  It’s amazing how many hair products promised that.  I realise that I am my own walking advert for the sponsorship so I should at least make it look lovely.  I am not a hair person but it would be good to actually appreciate my hair while I have it.  I now have some fancy serum that promises far more than I imagine it can live up to!

Around London today, it seemed that everyone had long, healthy hair.

Yes, yes, I really am in danger of becoming a hair obsessive.

I will find enlightenment and positivity for tomorrow’s post!  Honest.


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