{04/11/2013}   The Hair Loss Diaries – Day Six

Today, I have largely felt that there are some lovely, generous people out there and that this whole sponsorship process has been a bit of a revelation to me in terms of people’s kindness and also the extent to which I am far, far from being the only one to have known people who have been helped by Macmillan.

This afternoon, via a paper sponsorship form passed round at work between people I have barely ever spoken to, I felt somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of people who sponsored me, some of whom didn’t even know for sure who I was.  I guess in part that’s because I am increasingly discovering a lot of people – far too many – have known people whom Macmillan have helped.  It has been unexpectedly good to hear so much positive feedback about Macmillan and that people seem genuinely to be appreciating that I am doing something to raise money for them.  Well, thanks to all of you too for supporting what I am pledging to do in return for your hugely appreciated sponsorship.

Likewise, ongoing thanks to everyone who has sponsored me so far and who I know will sponsor me when, for various reasons, they are able to.

Kindness, support, generosity and compassion are lovely things to be able to witness day in day out for the last few days, since I finally set up my fundraising page (ignoring my miserable post the other day when I didn’t get any new donations – very sulky of me!).  Thank you ever so, ever so much.


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