{05/11/2013}   The Hair Loss Diaries – Day Seven

My fundraising mission has now been live for a week and I have, surprisingly, raised nearly half of my target of £1,000.  I am currently at £435 and I know there is another £150 to be transferred from paper to My Donate, whoop, whoop!  I fear my second week won’t get me to £1,000, and anyway my hair cutter/shaver-off-er isn’t really available until early December … which is only just over a month away.  Ho hum, I hadn’t thought of it that way as December seemed such a long way away.

As usual, I have no sense of structure for this post so I will summarise my thoughts from the past week of fundraising:

1) Fundraising is a lot of fun when money is coming in (think Comic Relief and the running total on display as it goes up and up – my My Donate page is nowhere near that fast-moving or high value but it’s still fun seeing it go up).

2) I have now had to think about the actual event of hair loss.  It has taken me about six years to get my hair this long.  It could take about six minutes to cut then shave it all off.  It will not look good, especially the part where the pony tails are cut off to send to Little Princess Trust to be made into wigs.  I realise this will leave me with odd circles of different length hair, thus meaning I can’t go from long to short via a series of experimental “do”s.

3) I am not someone who likes to draw attention to themselves.  Having no hair will mean people will stare at me.  I find this an alarming prospect.

4) The generosity and kindness of my friends and those I am not in contact with hugely but whom do and have played a role in my life has been overwhelming and a source of wonder, delight and more unprovoked smiles than I have experienced in a long time.  This whole process is making me feel really happy.

5) As a result of number 4 above, I spent about 15 minutes this morning contemplating a life of fundraising.  That filled me with joy.  I then thought about it in greater depth and realised that I couldn’t expect or even hope for continuing donations from everyone who has already and will donate to this fundraising effort.  I concluded that I shall enjoy this while it lasts and will plan no further fundraising.  Anyway, while I can contemplate cutting all my hair off, it would be years before I could do that again and other things, such as abseiling down The Shard, there is absolutely no way I could or would ever do (vertigo!).

6) Now that I am making a bit more effort to make my hair look nice, hoping to elicit additional appreciation of the fact I’m prepared to let it all go in exchange for a donation to Macmillan, I’m actually quite liking hair.  However, short hair is low maintenance and I’m definitely of the low maintenance genre.  My mother might suggest “lazy” was more appropriate, and I’m sorry to say that she would be right!

7) My hair keeps my head warm.  I will be emitting heat from my head like a radiator, which means my cat will return to her old tricks (ie when my hair was short) of trying to sleep around my head on the opportunities she gets for admittance into my bedroom while I’m in bed!

8) Please sponsor me so I can get this over and done with and not have to keep writing this blog every day!


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