{07/11/2013}   The Hair Loss Diaries – Day Nine

£619!  I really thought £1,000 was going to be nigh on impossible with my limited contacts, not using Facebook and not working in a big office.  But more people than I expected, and more people I wouldn’t have expected to sponsor me (eg out of the blue contact from me asking for sponsorship), have a) sponsored me and b) donated way more than I expected.

I recently sponsored a friend £5, for which I now feel embarrassingly stingy (though in my defence he had asked me to sponsor him £5 as a low amount to encourage those less able to part with money for charity to donate even a small amount as all his other donations had been larger than average!).  I realise more than ever that every £1 really does help.  An extra £1 would round things up nicely to £620, for example!  I like a bit of rounding up.

On a hair note, I am wondering how long it will take me to not absent mindedly flick, fiddle with and twirl my hair when I have none.  There is an increasingly large part of me that thinks it will be good not to have hair to play with.  It’s like if you wear glasses but don’t wear them one day; you still push your glasses up your nose.  I am wondering if having my finger nails removed could be the way forward as it’d be great not to spend as much time as I do picking away at my cuticles … perhaps that’s a digression and, yes, I do realise that finger nail removal is a) a form of torture, b) a ridiculous suggestion and c) just an all round no-no.

I’m going to check my MyDonate page for the 37th time today …




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