{08/11/2013}   The Hair Loss Diaries – Day Ten

I’ve been trying to think of a non-expletive word to explain my shock, excitement and, to an extent, horror at the discovery that not only did four lovely, generous people sponsor me today but that I now seem to be within reach of my £1,000 target – £872 – EIGHT HUNDRED AND SEVENTY TWO POUNDS.  This word would go along the lines of fushirap or a similar amalgamation of the words that have sprung to mind this evening!  £872 is almost £900 which is well and truly on the home straight.  It’s all rather overwhelming and I’m feeling ludicrously giddy.  Thank you so, so much to everyone who has sponsored me, ranging from people I know really well to those I barely know and to the anonymous sponsors whom I’m sorry I can’t thank personally but who, if you are reading this, I would like to thank.  I am loving this fundraising thing and realise, once the challenge is complete, I have no idea what I’ll check and admire as much as I’ve been checking the target plotter thing on my fundraising page!  This has well and truly taken the whiling-away-train-journeys gap that my departure from Facebook left and it’s so much more rewarding!  Fundraising is the new Facebook – you saw it here first!

Even though the £1,000 seems (dare I say it) to be a reality before 14th December, I’m pretty sure (assuming all still ok with my designated hair shaver, Angela) I will stick to that date and revel in every single pound I never, ever expected to raise over the £1,000.

I really have got to find more structure to these posts!

In short:  fushirap.  I’m going to be without hair soon.  In mid winter.  And I’ve never even seen my scalp to check it’s suitable for public viewing.  And £872 – that was easier to raise than my day job!

Thank you all so much, and not just for the sponsorship.  All the things people have written have been encouraging and great to read.

Gush over.


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