{09/11/2013}   The Hair Loss Diaries – Day Eleven

What’s with Saturdays and no sponsors?!  Only this Saturday and last Saturday did I get no sponsorship.  However, whereas last Saturday I thought the run of donations had ended, this week I feel confident that things will get moving again.  £872 yesterday … £900 tomorrow??

I spent an amusing but distressing quarter of an hour today experimenting with hair manoeuvres to make me look like I have no hair.  There is no getting around the fact I have a massive head.  I did discover that massive head with glasses looks better than massive head without glasses; it kind of breaks up the vast expanse of head.

I didn’t really do much else hair or sponsorship related today so I think I’d do well to nip this in the bud before I blather on down the path of tangents that I so easily and frequently find myself gambolling down …


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