{12/11/2013}   The Hair Loss Diaries – Day Fourteen

Late last night, after I failed to press “publish” on yesterday’s post, I discovered something so staggeringly amazing in relation to my Macmillan fundraising efforts that I couldn’t sleep with excitement, had a headache from this morning to this evening and couldn’t stop telling people today that:


And, yes, this discovery came after I had written yesterday’s blog post, which I only managed to post a few hours ago.  And I was excited when I wrote the last blog post because I realised I’d raised the minimum!

If I had written this last night, I would have been awash with joy.  The massive boost came from an anonymous donor (yes, I do know who it is and, no, I’m not going to tell you!) who sponsored me £1,000!  I am calm now (probably due to being utterly worn out from the excitement of reaching £1,000 yesterday then, before I had digested that, reaching £2,000 a mere few hours later!  And, in fact, last night it reached £2,032).

So yesterday’s concern that I wouldn’t get to £2,000 was short-lived.  And, do you know what, if Jessie J can raise £500,000, so can I … shall I just try for £3,000?!  That might be a bit more realistic!  I fear I may have been given false hopes by the “ease” with which the fundraising got from £1,007 to £2,032 in a matter of hours!  Oh, it’s just like a Comic Relief night Twitter feed, this post; it’s that exciting and fast paced!   News hot off the press each day.  Sort of.

Anyway, while this post may sound calm and composed, for about 12 hours, largely while I was trying to sleep last night, I was the kind of hyper that I can only recall being as a child (I’m really not joking; I’m talking five-year old self on Christmas Eve!).  I really am now emotionally drained.  So, please, no more bedtime massive donations (just kidding, you go for it; another lost night’s sleep is fine).

I am enormously proud of this achievement and it feels like a huge team effort; indeed it is.  Thank you.  And if you haven’t donated or you want to relish in the fatness of the target meter (which I’m about to raise to £3,000), follow this link:


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