{12/11/2013}   The Hair Loss Diaries – Day Thirteen

* In my excitement YESTERDAY to write this, it would appear that I never actually posted it.  So this is a bit belated and WAY out of date now!

This is the post I thought I would be writing round about March 2014 …

So, who’s got some hair clippers?!

I was about to say “I” have raised £1,007 for Macmillan but actually, it’s everyone who’s sponsored me who’s raised that.  I’m the one who loses their hair as a result!  And, an unexpected emotion, on the back of all the amazing comments of support that have both been written on my MyDonate page and said to me in conversation about this fundraising mission, I feel … oh, this is a Hollywood schmaltz moment, but I actually feel honoured to be doing something that so many people have given so much towards.

But, I can’t do it until Saturday, 14th December 2014, when Angela (official hair sorter-outer) is available.  So, I thought I might as well attempt to double my initial target and see how far I get!  But, I have raised what I set out to raise, £1,000, and I will shave my hair on the 14th December even if the amount remains at £1,007.  I suspect £2,000 is embarrassingly over-ambitious … mind you, I thought that about £1,000 and here I am, a mere 13 days later, writing this blog and pondering “just another grand”.

Since getting the notification that the latest sponsor from today (thank you, Fiona and Andy, for getting me from the £900s to the £1,000 – but also to every other person who has sponsored me, obviously!) has meant my target is beaten, I have been giddy with excitement!  Now I feel a renewed sense of, “Oh no, I’ll never get my target”, so maybe that £2,000 re-set wasn’t a great idea!  Ah, sod it, I’ve got five weeks remaining and so far it’s been pretty much £500 per week so bring it on!

Thank you all for your sponsorship, support and all round loveliness.  I cannot believe it’s taken less than two weeks!  Thank you.

Who would have thought fundraising could be so exciting?!


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