{13/11/2013}   The Hair Loss Diaries – Day Fifteen

And.  Breathe.  Today was a normal, quiet day in my new world of fundraising.  My total has crept up again and is now at £2,077.  Thank you.

Having finally calmed down after the excitement of previous days, I have thought of something new to harp on about.  Do you know what, I’ve actually forgotten what it was I was going to go on about!  It’ll come to me …

[seven minutes elapsed while I tried to recall what it was I was poised to blather on about]

Ah, yes, fundraising.  Now, I may have said “fundraising” but I realise I am basically sitting back on my laurels and have taken no action at all this week.  I do not feel that I am actively -ing -ing, if you see what I mean.  I feel I should be shaking a money bucket, snipping chunks of my hair off and wearing a t-shirt announcing my hair-related intentions.  It has been remarkably easy to raise £2,077.  I think to go the next £1,000 (oh, I really never even contemplated the prospect of more than £1,000; I might be verging on cockiness there) I will have to bite the bullet and send out some more emails.

As an aside, though very much on the hair-related theme, I am looking forward to not having long hair, if only for the reasons that in the past week I have had (having never had them before in this latest bout of long hair) two massive clods of tangled hair that I’ve had to cut out AND, I think for the first time ever, a clump of hair got sucked into my hairdryer, burned and smelled of chicken soup (as I find burning hair smells of).  The soupy, singed hair also had to be cut out.

Bring on 14th December!


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