{15/11/2013}   Baldness Countdown – 29 Days

Unsurprisingly, having had no donations today, the giddiness of reaching my target, doubling it and now hoping for treble has waned.  I am thus less keen on the idea of becoming a full time fundraiser!

I think I only had one hair-related conversation today.

My main hair thought was that, still reeling from the very rough estimate that it took me about nine years to get my hair this long (ie if it got to this length from bald, with regular trims), I may never have long hair again.  I think I am more a long short hair person, if that makes sense.  I think I am done with long hair.  But it is bizarre to think about nine years from now.  I will be into another decade (my age not the year) by the time I do have the long short hair I envisage.  A lament for the passing of time!

As with most days, a baldness countdown/hair blog not being the most riveting of subjects every days, I have no structure and no purpose to this post.  At least I didn’t set myself a 500-word target for this part of my Green Bottle Tree blog!

Go on, sponsor me.  I’ve never had a sponsorship on a Saturday yet.  Someone, please, make it third week lucky!


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