{16/11/2013}   Baldness Countdown – 28 Days

First time I've seen my hair from behind since, probably, the last time I had long hair and had a photo taken of it just prior to cutting.  It's longer than I realised!Woo hoo!  Not only did one person break my no-sponsorship-on-Saturdays cycle (thank you, Kyla), but TWO people did (thank you, Linsey!).  £2,137!  And counting.Check out the hair!

Four weeks today, I will be bald for the first and hopefully last time ever.  Even as a baby I had more hair than I will have in four weeks!

I spent today on the beach, secretly hoping it would be astonishingly windy so I could get a few hair photos with it flowing like silk, ahem, in the wind.  Not even a chuffing breeze.

But still, I have a few recent hair photos, thank you, Fiona.

I had to resort to head shaking to get these I’ve-actually-got-quite-a-lot-of-hair photos.

Thank you to today’s lovelies for your sponsorship and thank you for your comments.


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