{19/11/2013}   Baldness Countdown – 25 Days

Oh dear, another day of no more sponsorship.

This evening, I went out with a friend who lives in Manchester (ie I live in Folkestone; we don’t see each other that often) and who was in London for work.  As we were saying goodbye, I realised that the next time I see her I will have very little hair and will look a lot different to now.  That felt really odd, particularly as I felt briefly like I’d actually BE a different person.  It’s one thing knowing I will look different but I realise this is all going to be a challenge for my self-confidence.  I told her I was going to have to wear more make-up and feminine clothes as I don’t want to regularly be mistaken for a bloke.  My friend has a short hair cut and said that she gets mistaken for a bloke quite often.  I felt mildly relieved to hear that as she doesn’t look at all masculine and it made me realise more that all too many of us have a perception of boys=short hair, girls=long hair.

There, my hair thought for the day.

£2,162.  Still.


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