{20/11/2013}   Baldness Countdown – 24 Days

Ah, yes, I’m definitely back to enjoying fundraising as I have had donations pouring in today (possible slight exaggeration but after two days of no donations, surely four counts as “pouring in”?!) and, thanks to a rather lovely rounding up donation, it’s now at £2,300!  A “mere” £700 to go, ho hum.

I have, uncharacteristically, decided on a purpose to today’s post, namely why I chose My Donate rather than Just Giving.

Just Giving use some of the donation for admin costs.  My Donate don’t.  However, after a bit of investigative work (nothing remotely challenging), I discovered the following, which I’m fairly sure is accurate information:

Just Giving use some money from donations to pay for their costs.  However, it’s from the gift aid rather than the sponsorship amount.

My Donate give all the money to the charity.

Hence, I wanted to use My Donate.

However, on speaking to Macmillan about this AFTER I’d set up the My Donate page, they said that their preferred fundraising sites are Just Giving and Virgin Money Giving.  But, yes, they do take some of the money from the fundraising.  However, the money that Macmillan get from the fundraising is all ready and can be used straight away.  My Donate give the money to Macmillan but, having done nothing with it, Macmillan then have to spend money dealing with the admin (I guess to do with checking gift aid and processing it?).  Macmillan said they would prefer to get the money ready to go, ie from Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving, but that sites like My Donate work out fine for them too and there’s not much in it in terms of what actually goes directly to Macmillan for its charity work.

So, I believe I chose My Donate for good reason but I should have asked Macmillan which giving site they preferred and gone with Just Giving, which a lot of people seem to prefer anyway because of the one-click, one-password joy of PayPal!



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