{29/11/2013}   Baldness Countdown – 15 Days

Still on £2,570 and hoping it will start inching upwards towards £3,000 …

Despite making a bit more effort than usual with my hair of late to appreciate the length I won’t have for quite some time (years!), I really am ready for it to go.  I have thought about shaving my hair off for most of this year and I would estimate it’s taken me about seven months to get my head around the idea of not having hair.  It has made me so massively thankful that this has not been forced upon me with very little notice, ahead of chemotherapy for example.  Even though I want this (in a way), it has still taken me that long to get accustomed to the idea.  I keep wondering if I’m being a bit melodramatic about having no hair as there are more people than I’d ever previously noted without hair, so there’s nothing new or unusual about being bald or having very short hair.  But it needs to be your decision to do it for it to be ok.  I am realising more and more and more just how awful it must be to be facing hair loss when you do not want it.  It’s not quite Samson and Delilah in that with the loss of hair you lose power.  But, definitely not so much for me as it’s my choice, you do lose something about your previous self confidence and sense of self.  I guess it’s then about finding your way with your new look and new feeling in your day to day life.  So, yes, I am ready but only as ready as one can ever be before stepping off into the unknown … 15 days to go …



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