{05/12/2013}   Baldness Countdown – 9 Days

Right, it’s official: I am somewhat nervous about the hair shaving.  In part it’s that I will pretty much need to wear a hat outdoors because it’s cold and I’m not used to having a cold head.  I don’t wear hats and I usually feel a bit self-concious wearing them.  Plus, if and when I’m not wearing a hat, I will feel self-conscious too, having never had no hair.  I mean, I was born with a decent head of hair even!

However, I did finally decide to order some hat things.  I’ve just ordered a turban style hat and a hat with a sort of scarf that is hanging like a long pony tail.  That sounds awful but in the pictures it looked really nice.  It’s a minefield and I have absolutely no idea what will or won’t suit me and what will or won’t be comfortable.

I only had two hair-related conversations today.

No more sponsorship today so still at the grand sum of £2,660.

Nine days is not at all long.  A week on Saturday.  Yowzer!


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