{07/12/2013}   Baldness Countdown – ONE WEEK

Favourite hat worn one week away from hair shearing dayThis is a photo of me this morning wearing my favourite hat a week before my favourite hat will look very different on me.

A week.  Just one week, which is seven days, which is just seven sleeps away.  [Expletive]

No sponsorship today but I’m too consumed by how soon it will be that my hair is coming off for me to dwell on wondering if the £3,000 target will be reached, ideally before Saturday.

Today I had lots of thoughts about my hair as it is now.  I am not worried about my hair being cut off in that long hair annoys me, but it’s more about my appearance.  I realise that something I’m particularly nervous about is being outdoors with a hat on, so people less likely to realise there’s no hair underneath, then getting indoors, taking the hat off and people being visibly shocked.  It must be loads worse having feelings like that for people who didn’t choose to shave their hair off.  I always knew it was hard for people, particularly women, to have to lose their hair through chemotherapy but I am now feeling things and gaining an awareness of the enormity of it that I’d never been able to think about before.  It amazes me that the thought of just walking along a street then into a shop and removing my hat is cause for nerves and being self-conscious.

I can’t believe it’s a mere week before the day that seemed so distant when I first set up this fundraising page at the end of October.

Still on £2,660; no movement for three days …




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