{09/12/2013}   Baldness Countdown – 5 Days

Izzy - hoping for sponsorship to shave all her fur offHurrah, the target of £3,000 inched closer today, there having been no movement for a few days.  Now on £2,670, just £330 to go.

I was wondering how to get more sponsorship in so I wondered about seeing if anyone would sponsor Izzy the Cat to have her fur shaved off.  Any takers?  We could both get it shaved off on Saturday.  I’m sure she’d look as lovely as I will????!!!!!

I think I only had two hair conversations today but I may have snuck a quick mention into one or two other conversations!

Five days is ludicrously close.  If I ever had to shave my hair off, I think I would just do it rather than thinking about it and leaving it for ages.  But at least I truly am fed up with my hair now and the novelty of long hair has long worn off (in the sense that I usually tie it back but have of late been keeping it long so it looks really long and people will sponsor me – not sure that’s been an effective tactic but it’s been worth it, if only for me to realise that long-hair styles that look good on people on TV or in films do not as a rule work for me).

But I’m still mildly panicky about the five-days thing!


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