{11/12/2013}   Baldness Countdown – 3 Days

How on earth is it possible there are only three days to go until my hair comes off?!

Good news on the fundraising: thanks to today’s sponsors, the total is a lovely round £2,800, so just a mere £200 to go!  Surely – surely – that’ll be possible to raise by 1pm Saturday.

I have lost count of how many hair conversations I had today but there were five significant ones and I somehow talked about it with most people I interacted with today.

My worries are definitely changing.  My overriding feeling at present is that I will look like a bloke and I will be fixated by my appearance in mirrors and anything reflective that I pass.  I am also convinced my cat won’t recognise me at first!

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me.  £2,800 is £1,800 more than I had hoped for and now I’m desperate for an additional £200 so I can triple the target amount.  I’m definitely feeling quite excited, despite my worries.

But, seriously, three days???????



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