{12/12/2013}   Baldness Countdown – 2 Days

Which is more exciting: that somehow there are just two days before the big shave or that there is only £150 more needed to reach my third and final target?  I get different feelings when I think about that.  One fills me with a sense of the not-necessarily-welcome unknown and the other with a degree of giddiness.  Surely, surely, surely £3,000 will be raised by 1pm on Saturday – that’s TWO DAYS AWAY!!!!

Thank you to two today’s two delightful sponsors.  I am sensing a pre-shave sponsorship surge, which is actually helping me remember why I’m doing this.

Here are some things that are going round in my head about having no hair:

I will get cold easier, including when I’m in bed trying to sleep.

I will finally have my own fuzzy head to stroke rather than stroking anyone else’s.

I know I will become a mirror obsessive.

I wonder which of my four pairs of glasses will look best with the no hair look.

People will stare at me and notice me, which is something I hate the thought of.

When I put jumpers over my head, bits of fluff/wool/cotton will get skewered by my short hair and I will have a fluffy head.

My grey hairs will be more noticeable and I suspect I will have an interesting brown and grey marbled effect growing back.

My face and my scalp will be different colours (my scalp looks a kind of never-seen-the-sun pale grey).

I need to learn how to apply make-up better – I don’t want to be mistaken for a bloke as often as I fear.

What do I do with my hair dryer, curling tongs (which I’ve never actually used beyond experimenting with), hair straighteners, hair products, hair bands?  Put them in a box marked “For 2015”?!

I hope my hair grows back stronger.

I wonder what hats will suit me best.

Will I get stopped at US immigration two weeks after the shave for not looking like the long-haired me in my passport photo?

I know my self-confidence will be tested and I have no idea how I’ll feel.

I am apprehensive but incredibly curious to see what I look like without hair and what my scalp looks like.

I think I will be shocked looking at myself in the mirror.

I don’t want to feel nervous or vulnerable going out on my own.

Blimey, this really is a big deal.  Bring it on!  I’m well and truly ready now.


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