{13/12/2013}   Baldness Countdown – 1 Day

I’ve always wanted to say this and mean it: hair today, gone tomorrow.   (As it happens, I suspect I’ve never thought about saying this and meaning it, but it sounds better to have said that)  In about 15 hours from now I will be stroking my head and obsessing about my much-changed appearance.

Today I got properly excited about having no hair, about a new experience.  So much so that I told a girl who works at one of my regular cafes and with our loud and excitable exchange, the ten or so people in that cafe also knew what I would be doing “tomorrow”.  It was a nice reaction.  I then told the security guards at work, who were really sweet.  One of them has a Kojak and the other has about a “3”.  He said that he’d once cut his hair from longer than mine to a “1”.  He said nothing will prepare me for how much colder I will feel once I’ve done it.  He said my ears will also get colder than usual.

I guess part of the reason I was so enthusiastic about telling people is because I would rather people knew I was doing it and why I was doing it rather than having people look at me and speculate and then probably not talk to me about it, or indeed talk to me at all, in case it seemed rude.  Maybe I’m being paranoid but I’ll find out soon enough!

I can’t believe it’s tomorrow.  AND only £130 left to raise by 1pm tomorrow.  So close!

How many hair conversations today?  So, so many I couldn’t begin to count.  I have enjoyed chatting to people I probably wouldn’t have chatted to as much if it weren’t for the fundraising and that I’m doing something a bit different and drastic.  It has been a consuming seven or so weeks but it has also been an enlightening and really, really enjoyable few weeks.

Thank you also to Tina, who is someone I’ve only known for three months but who gave me a lovely bunch of flowers at work today and made me feel a sense of achievement for doing this; good feeling.  I was touched and it added to my overall feeling of being overwhelmed by the kindness, support and all round loveliness, from friends and family and from people I don’t know hugely well in the grand scheme of things.  Thank you all.  This has been a surreal, unexpected, exciting, scary and feel-good experience and, however dreadful I may look tomorrow, I’m really glad I decided to do my first bit of sponsored fundraising and to have decided to shave my hair off rather than do something easier/more common.

I can’t get over the fact that the next time I write here, tomorrow night probably, I will be bald for the first and, I hope, last time in my life …



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