{14/12/2013}   Bald

The bald lookLast long hair photoI now have no hair.  Well, a Velcrose stubble that is looking far more grey than I’d like to think my hair is.  It’s done now.  Phew.

By 1pm today, exactly £3,000 was raised – wow – so THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored me.  I am still overwhelmed and amazed that my scalp is worth that much money!  It even turns out my head is not as odd-shaped as I’d feared.

So how does it feel?

Yes, it does feel cold but not merely cold, more that I can feel channels of wind and cold moving over my head.  Even just turning my head generates breezes in strange places around my head.  Also, really weird, when I stand under light bulbs, my head gets hot and it’s a very, very strange and unexpected feeling.  It also only feels nice if you touch it in the right direction.  Otherwise, your hand sort of sticks on it.  So far, I have got a towel kind of stuck on it like Vecrose, got cotton wool stuck in/on it and it sticks to the back of a tall-backed chair and feels cold touching the leather.

The Hair Shave PartyI had a lovely group of friends and my mum with me when it came off and I have had a surreal but enjoyable day.  I had a short walk outside but haven’t yet encountered anyone beyond the friends who were with me today.

I don’t feel as wary of going out as I’d expected, in part because I can’t tell anything is wrong/strange/different until I am confronted with my reflection (shock) or my shadow (ears!).  But I do feel like I’m wearing a tight latex swimming hat, which is also bizarre.

Superhero wigThe tying of my hair into mini pony tails which were plaited and cut (everyone cut one off!) for the purposes of the wig charity was Just prior to cuttingprobably the most distressing phase.  It looked horrible when it was kind of butchered.  The shaved look is much better.  As for the wigs Angela brought over, they all looked dreadful (I tried on about 20) and a fair few were too small.  The general consensus was that the “boy band” wig was the best!

It’s been an exciting day and I’m going to go to bed now, see if I get cold over night and see if I “remember” straight away in the morning that I have no hair!

Thank you again for your support and sponsorship.  If anyone wants to get it OVER £3,000, that would be lovely!


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