{15/12/2013}   Bald- Day 2

Holding up my hair!Rain without hair is a whole different issue: it poured down my face today!

I was out and about all day and evening today.  I didn’t wear a hat at all (in part because a fair bit of wool stuck to my head when I tried my wool hat on!) so just went bald.  It turns out that some of my tops don’t look good with no hair.

I felt a bit paranoid and convinced that everyone was staring at me but, actually, I think any staring was subtle and I didn’t feel anywhere near as self conscious or vulnerable as I had expected to feel.

My hair has definitely grown a teensy bit, which I find bizarre.

It doesn’t feel particularly comfortable on the pillow.  I am still shocked when I see my reflection and shadow.  Weird mirror at the karaoke loos - look at the bizarre rings in my irises

Today, I kind of enjoyed being pretty much bald!

The donation page is still open and it’s still at £3,000:


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