{16/12/2013}   Bald – Day 3

Today was a day of many firsts and I’ve had a really enjoyable first work day with no hair – except that my hair has grown more than I imagined  possible since Saturday afternoon!

My favourite hair-related exchange was while I was with a friend in the post office getting my hair weighed to be sent to the Little Princess Trust.  It went along these lines:

[Having placed my jiffy bag of hair on the PO scales, c 95g]

Man in PO (MPO): “Where is this going?”

Me: “Erm … Brighton?”

MPO: “What’s in it?”

Me: “My hair.”

MPO: [double take followed by a “you what?” type look]

Me: “I’m not kidding, my hair.”

MPO: [bewildered] “That’s 90p.”

(He didn’t progress with what I assume was a line of questioning to ascertain the value of the contents of the jiffy bag!)

I couldn’t begin to count how many people I’ve seen and spoken to today about my bald head.  People have been lovely and lots of positive comments about the £3,000 (which I would love to be a bit more than exactly £3,000!) for Macmillan.

Some other thoughts from today:

Walking along this morning, carrying my hair in an envelope in my un-zippable bag, it was raining and I thought, “Ooo, mustn’t get my hair wet”.  Weird!

I am not enjoying wearing hats because the ones I have are woolly and leave tufts of wool attached to my Velcrose head.

Now my hair is a bit longer (as of about 5pm today!), it actually feels quite nice.

When it rains on a bald head, nothing stops the rain from pouring down your face.

People are very subtle about staring.  I’ve spotted a few people looking intently at my head but not in a horrible way.  I’m pretty sure I’ve been invited to walk ahead of more people than I normally would though.

I am actually quite enjoying the bald head, though I think in a few weeks I will like it more.

I have a stripe along my scalp, which I think is from a vein on my head.  I rather like it.

I have more neck than I realised.

Wigs really don’t suit me but are a lot of fun!

I’m looking forward to what tomorrow will have in store and wondering how long it will be before the novelty of it all wears off.  But for now, I’m actually enjoying having no hair, particularly as it was windy today!


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