{17/12/2013}   Bald – Day 4

See how much it's grown!Still at £3,000 and still hoping to sneak a little bit over that amount …

Again, I have lost count of the number of hair/bald/sponsorship conversations I had today.  What on earth will I talk about in a month or so when the novelty of this has worn off and my hair is merely short?!

I am fairly sure more than a few people think I am undergoing treatment and are thus unwell because I seem to find myself at the front of packed-train swarms and through ticket barriers, etc, ie people are letting me through when I’m sure that normally I wouldn’t have been let through so readily!  Oh well, I should enjoy that while it lasts as it’s far better than being trampled on or stampeded to get off the train/tube or through ticket barriers.

Now that my fuzzy hair feels nice I am stroking my head a bit too much.  Where fiddling with my long hair was an absent-minded occupation, now it’s stroking my head.

Hat fluff is annoying me so I am only wearing hats when I feel I might be cold (I am not finding it cold enough to feel a need for a hat).  My friend retrieved a black piece of thread from my stubble today, which I found mildly distressing.  I mean, that’s like I’m attracting bits of debris to my head and I’m not having that!

A lot of my clothes (well, just tops) really don’t suit me now and I’m undecided about my glasses.  There is absolutely no denying that one pair of my usual glasses make me look VERY disturbingly like Heston Blumenthal.

When I put on or take off  jumpers, I keep feeling I need to be careful about my hair (as you would with a fancy “do”) as it still feels like I am wearing a swimming cap, though not such a tight one as I felt I was wearing for the first 24 hours or so of “losing” my hair.

As for my self confidence, which was something that I worried I would feel challenged about, I actually feel fine and if anything I feel more confident in a slightly defiant way.

I am finding news eyes with this bald look and I think it will be a good few weeks before the enlightenment wears thin and normality resumes.

Thank you again to all of you who have sponsored me, supported me and said and written some really touching things.




Su(e) says:

You look well fierce!! Remember to moisturise…

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