{18/12/2013}   Bald – Day 5

The first photo I have ever been inclined to take of the top of my headOh the joys of a fundraising page that’s started to go up again!  Now on £3,070.  I have set the closing date for a month after the shave, which is 14th January, in the hope that at least a few more people will add to the Macmillan pot for the loss of my hair!  Thank you very much to my post-£3,000 sponsors.

As for today’s revelations, it started this morning with a tinsel-esque glimmer on my scalp along the sides of my head.  Yes, it’s definitely growing back grey in places (it was probably concealed a little better when it was longer and dyed!).  It is also growing pretty quickly!

Thanks to someone at work, I am now the proud owner of a red festive hat.  I have never had, nor would I ever have contemplated trying, a red bobble hat.  It’s a new look for me that I rather like.  Bring on the cold weather.

I had a discussion about scalp care with one of the security guards at work.  I had been wondering what to wash my scalp with (soap? Shampoo? Shower gel?).  He confirmed the drying properties of soap and recommended shower gel and moisturiser!

I wore a kind of poly/cotton beanie type hat today while outdoors.  As soon as I wore that, particularly as I knew it didn’t suit me, I felt like I looked like I was covering a bald head and it made me feel like people felt I had lost my hair from chemo.  I felt a lot less confident wearing that hat than I feel not wearing a hat.

I have always felt a slight concern about wearing a hat then removing it and seeing people look shocked.  To an extent I overcame that today when I saw the aforementioned security guard, whom I hadn’t seen since I’d told him on Friday that I was going to be doing it.  He saw me with the hat on and asked if I’d done it, to which I pulled off my hat to reveal my stubble.  It felt oddly brave having done that, but I think largely because I’d thought of it as an issue.  But actually, I don’t really care, hurrah!

I’m currently strangely excited about seeing what my hair looks like when it’s a bit longer, ie seeing how the marbled grey and brown works out.  A month or so from now, I may be wishing I hadn’t discovered the extent and horror of the grey though.  Considering it first started appearing regularly at age 20, it’s had plenty of time to breed!

Quite a lot more head touching today.  it still feels nice, though can’t quite believe it’s my head that feels like that.



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