Two months of hair growthSo this is me (I liked the “arty” blurred look, hence choosing this photo rather than one in focus) this morning, two months to the day when I went from long scraggly hair to pretty much complete baldness.  Guess what?  I kind of like it!  I’ve pretty much accepted the greyness but I still spend far too much time stroking my head/hair.

As for short hair observations over the past month, I have had far more positive comments than I would ever have imagined (and I’m ever fairly sure at least most of them are meant honestly) and a fair few people, when I’ve mentioned that I shaved it for charity, have said they’d thought I’d had it cut as a style choice.  So there’s definitely been a move away from the assumption I’ve undergone chemotherapy.

Over the past two weeks, I have increasingly had bad bed hair.  Mind you, it’s fairly easy to remedy – another quick wet-down in the wash basin, towel dry and rub!  My biggest issue has been that it is far too long at the back (!) and sticks out over my ears too much to be anything other than funny.  I am ashamed to say I spend a lot of time looking at my hair in mirrors, reflections, etc.  I find it fascinating to see my head and how I feel that my face has changed and to see what colour it’s coming out.  Yes, yes, grey!

I feel that by month three I will have had to cut it in some way.  I am also still wondering about dyeing it blond.

I’ve been asked a few times if I’d shave it off again, to which I can comfortably say that, for example, if I dyed it blond and hated it or got fed up with the roots, I’d have no qualms shaving it off again.  However, I would prefer to have at least two weeks’ worth of growth rather than being as bald as I was initially.

Positive though I am about it, I very much appreciate the fact that it was my decision, my choice, to shave it off.  Even being ok about the thought of being bald again, I would still feel differently if I was forced to get rid of my hair.

However, in terms of outward appearance and confidence, I have enjoyed displaying my head rather than trying to hide it.  I also feel, very unexpectedly, more confident about my appearance.  I don’t know why but there is a possibility that, where I’d worried about standing out for having no hair, the standing out element is what has made me more confident instead of more shy.  Again, this all reiterates my long standing belief that your hair is a massive part of who you are, how you feel and how other people perceive you.

As for Macmillan, thanks to everyone who sponsored me, I think it’s fairly safe to say that a grand total has been reached and, with an additional £25 sent in as a cheque, that total is £3,190!  So you see, every £10 and every single pound more than that that you donated made a huge difference and got the total over £1,000, over £2,000 and even over £3,000!!  Thank you.A less arty, greyer photo of two months of hair growth



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