{16/03/2014}   Fluffy, indentations and the need for hair products – three months

Three months of hair growth and use of a styling productI had intended to write on the 14th of each month for hair updates, but, hey, it turns out greys have more fun!  (Or possibly just a coincidence that I have been out dawn to dark the past two nights!)  I did, however, accurately catalogue my hair progress in one photo on the 14th.  The “bed hair” and “post-wash hair” photos below are from today.  I am explaining that as I am still convinced it grows noticeably every day, but I suspect no one would have noticed had I not said anything.

After two months, I remember feeling ready to get a trim and shape.  I then progressed to thinking I’d just get a friend to clipper it short all over.  I am now on day four of hair product experimentation and I think there could be a further week where the novelty factor keeps me enthusiastic about it.  Some time after then, I predict I will start moaning that it needs a cut/it’s too long, etc.

Morning/bed hairThis photo is from this morning, pre-hair wash.  It’s not a good look, though probably looks worse close-up than in this photo.  (I would like it noted that the apparent red face in the non-mirror half of this photo is nothing to do with alcohol consumption.  Why am I not red in the mirror?  Bad camera, right?!)


aerial view of grey, fluffy hairThese photos are post-hair wash and you can see how fluffy it is.  The aerial selfie is to demonstrate how much hair there is! post-wash fluffI really don’t think I had that much hair before.

Likewise, I used to have “long, brown hair”.  In a matter of minutes, I went to “short, grey hair”.  What’s all that about?!  Well, the “short” bit is obvious, but all that grey?


A friend sent me a few suggested hair cut photos the other day.  Two of the three I really liked but it’s immediately apparent they all need time and hair products, which has never appealed to me.  So I’m back to square one of what to do with it.  Getting it clippered would leave the “what next?” issue outstanding and getting it cut will mean I’ll need to add another few minutes to my current very minimal hair care regime.  ie I have a clay squeezy product (seriously, the choice of short hair products has ballooned since I last had short hair, I have no idea whether I want clay, gel, putty …) that I rub into my hands then smooth onto my hair.

As for some general thoughts on my hair:

I prefer having short to long hair and still don’t think I’ll ever have long hair again.

At this length, I definitely feel that people who don’t know me would assume I chose to have hair this long [I wonder why I didn’t write “short”].  But I still feel I stand out, though actually to me that feels more because of its colour than its shortness.

I reiterate from month two that there is a MASSIVE difference in terms of confidence where other people’s staring is concerned the more hair you have from scalp-short.  I know that sounds obvious but it’s a far stronger feeling than I expected.

I wanted to do something to raise money for Macmillan and shaving all my hair off seemed an appropriate thing to do as it would also give me a bit of an understanding of what it’s like to have no hair (and I do emphasise “a bit” of an understanding because I really can appreciate it’s a hugely different mental process if you are ill, undergoing harsh treatment and you don’t know if, how or when your hair will return).  As a bonus, I have enjoyed the past five or so months more than I would ever have imagined possible, both in terms of fundraising and all things hair related.

A lot, in fact most, of my tops look very different on me with long hair versus short hair.  I hadn’t expected that really.  Some things I used to think suited me (ie with long hair) now look awful and a bit vice versa.

I actually feel my hair is less feminine now than when it was shorter … yes, I really do need to either clipper it or get it trimmed ready to grow into a style!  I keep seeing men with similar-looking hair.  There is only one jacket I have that I am happy to wear as the others make me look and feel butch.

My hair was baby-soft from about one week to maybe three weeks.  Now it feels more like “normal” hair, but the back is a lot softer (because there’s less grey?) than the top.

I still feel a need to thank everybody who sponsored me, I still find it amazing to have raised £3,190.  Thank you!

I got an email about two weeks ago from Little Princess Trust that they had received my hair … which had been locked in a post box they hadn’t been able to access since it had been used over the Christmas holiday (my hair was sent in mid-late December).  I now have my hair certificate but I suspect my hair by then was too old.  (I prefer this to realising it was most probably definitely maybe *denial* more than 10% grey!)

I’m hoping that month four, 14th April 2014, will be my last hair update and that I will by then be able to display a photo of a really funky style!




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