{16/04/2014}   Drastic action required – four months

Four months of growth and greyness and fluffThe matching seahorse wasn't planned!I’ve done it!  First trip to the hairdresser (aside from an over-ear trim about three weeks ago – thank you again, Angela) today, prompted by the horrible photo on the left (the shaggy fluffy look) which I took on the 14th, with a more magazine style!exactly four months of growth.

I had a chat with the hairdresser while she was washing my hair in anticipation of my clipper and trim about bleaching it.  She had time to do it, I had time to stay in the hairdresser so I went blonde!  For the first time ever.  I am now mirror obsessed again.  My new grey was the lightest my hair had ever been, now it’s a whole new pale.  I may have over-plucked my eyebrows though as they seemed more exposed with shorter, lighter hair.  Oh well, all part of the new look … right?!

I am still asked fairly frequently how I’m finding short hair, whether I’ll have it long again, whether I’ll dye it any exciting colours and what on earth I’ll do with it in terms of having it cut into a style.  I was plodding along with it growing wildly fluffy and getting annoyed with it, hence today’s, “Right, that’s it, I’m going to get my hair cut”.  The fourth salon I enquired in had someone free there and then, so that’s where I went.
With normal glassesBlonde is bizarre and I have no idea how long I’ll keep it this colour, but I’m pleased with it being shorter again.  It’s a lot of fun being experimental with my hair and I feel that it’s given me a “look”, albeit one that I haveFluffy, messy four-month hair yet to grow into.

I’m glad I kept thinking I might write this again because it was seeing the photos of it from the side and back that made me decide to take action.  There is an abundance of photos of me with this post, which I apologise for, but I had lots taken as I am fascinated by how different I now look!  This may well be the only month or so of blondness so I thought it’d be good to have it documented for posterity.  I have learned a valuable lesson today, which is that life is too short to keep hair fluffy for longer than a day.  Cut, cut, cut and, hey, while you’re at it, why not bleach, bleach, bleach!Attempt at arty with the new look



How exciting it looks fab x

It’s amazing how easy it is to go from boring to exciting where hair is concerned!!!!

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