I’m so annoyingly smug.  January, no alcohol.  Completed successfully.  February, write 29 letters.  Completed successfully.  March, no crisps.  Completed successfully … just.

As for my year of monthly pamper/spa treatments, I had a manicure, pedicure and massage in January (overachiever!).  February, a pedicure.  March, a massage.  And in April I’m already booked in for a massage.

Somehow, I appear to have failed with the book a month “that’ll be easy” challenge.  In January I read “a book” (Oh, ok, it was 50 Shades of Grey so I know it doesn’t count on a literary level, and for the record it was as awful as I’d been led to believe).   In February I read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, which I really enjoyed.  For March, in my defence the month I moved house, I don’t think I’ve even opened a novel.  So now I need to catch up.

My year of no TV is going well and I have not watched television since New Year’s Eve 2015 and so far only missed it while staying in a hotel for work.  I have listened to the radio significantly more than I otherwise would have done and I’m really enjoying the change of news medium and listening to more music.

In terms of things I’ve never done before, I have had a room service dinner and room service afternoon tea.  One March morning, on impulse, I bought a ticket to see The Master Builder with Ralph Fiennes at The Old Vic for that day’s matinee.  I am drinking a £99 bottle of blended whiskey, both the high price and a blend being firsts.  I have now walked to work from home (albeit at my previous home, a mere one and a half hours’ walk rather than the two hours it would be from my new home), something I’d never even contemplated doing.

I have still not bought any new clothes, shoes, bags or accessories, other than from charity shops, since July 2015, although I haven’t even bought much from charity shops.

Maintaining smugness, I now enter April planning to get rid of 30 things that aren’t obviously rubbish.  I have so far managed to cull three things, but if I can manage not to eat crisps for a month, I can surely get rid of some of the excesses around the home.


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