I’ve overachieved for April.  Instead of getting rid of 30 things that I reluctantly parted with, I made it to 32!  Believe it or not, I found this challenge quite hard because I wanted to get rid of stuff that had already passed the “worthy of being kept” test.

I say “test”, but I’ve not gone all “possessions down to 100 items” and I certainly don’t have the time to hold each item and justify its continued existence in my life.

All bar two of the items (which I threw out) will be taken to a charity shop and, no, I won’t rummage in the charity bag before it’s donated and retrieve things!

Up to now in 2016, I think I’ve placed more emphasis on the challenges than the treats so, as May is my birthday month, I have spent some time thinking about things I often wish I did more often.

May is going to be a month of culture and events, including theatre, exhibitions and cinema.  As there are sort of five weeks in May, I plan to attend (at least) five such experiences, so if any of my friends want a theatre/cinema/exhibition companion, I’m in.

I’m looking forward to this but I find myself mildly anxious that I won’t manage to achieve my target.  But, hey, I managed 31 days without crisps, so surely I can arrange and attend five cultural events.


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