{11/07/2016}   Things I learned* today – Introduction

It still amazes me that for 14 months I posted a 500-word blog post every day.  Most of the contact lacked research or depth, but literary brilliance was never my intention.  I wanted to slip easily from daily blog writing (500 words every day for six months equated to pretty much a novel – so, yes, I totally overachieved/postponed with 14 months) to novel.  I did actually almost finish that novel but, like my first attempt, it wasn’t the work of genius I had envisaged.

I am now not planning a daily blog nor to prepare myself for writing a book, and I’m certainly not proffering high quality reading matter.  I like blogs because they might not be read by anyone, but they might just be, and something you share might even pique the interest or curiosity of someone else and that, for me, makes the whole process worthwhile and rewarding.

“Things I learned today” has come out of my frustration at my perceived diminishing memory capacity, an aide memoire perhaps, a need to feel that the snippets of information I read about, hear about at work and/or am told about can be used and shared in some way and to get back into the habit of writing regularly.

So as to not write an introduction and then not get around to posting instalment one – check me out – I will be writing my first post on this alarmingly general theme soon after publishing this.


*Particularly for British friends, yes I did make a conscious decision to use “learned” instead of “learnt” as that is officially the spelling adopted in the US and generally accepted in the UK too.  Whether to use “learnt” or “learned” has long bothered me.


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