{01/01/2017}   12 Things I want to do rather than just talk about doing – January 2017

mde2017 has started well.  I made my To Do list ahead of 1st January on a pin board of a type I’d wanted for years and years (the joy of Christmas gift suggestion lists – yes, I know there’s a touch of smugness and pretension about it!).  I know myself well enough to know that a list on a scrap of paper or within a notepad will be forgotten about/ignored within days of 1st January enthusiasm for a year of brilliance.  So here is my list of things I want to do in 2017.

They are in no order, I am sharing them at least in part because I need every possible assistance in getting them done (I hope a monthly update might be good motivation) and they are all things that I really want to do and many I’ve “thought about doing” for years, mainly 3, 4, 11 and 12.

Unfortunately, I ran out of Ss and Es so I had to alter a few things and use some full stops as a ditto symbol and a $ for S.

For January, I wildly hope to do the following, the numbers corresponding to the board in the photo:

  1. Possible, surprisingly.
  2. A small amount of progress likely.
  3. Not going to happen yet, this being something I’ve planned to do for years.  I fear this could be as likely as 4 below.
  4. No, I need to get back to pre-Christmas-excess levels before I can even contemplate the diet/exercise horror.  I fear this is the item I am least likely to adhere to.
  5. Posted Day 1 of a portrait challenge (but 365 days over however many years it could take) and Day 1 of a 365 days of travel challenge to follow (to last however many years it takes to have 365 days abroad or not in the immediate vicinity of London and the south east!), so both will have started this month.
  6. I’m aiming for two – yes, overachiever potential!
  7. Already embracing this and feeling good about it, particularly since turning notifications off.
  8. Unlikely to start in January.
  9. Brr, winter, but I’m hoping for at least one outdoor meal.
  10. I’m going to Iceland this month so there will definitely be more fish in my diet, including the best lobster soup ever.
  11. Pff, I’m still recovering from not long having completed the last tax return.
  12. Unlikely.  Very unlikely.

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