{28/02/2017}   12 things I want to do rather than just talk about doing – March 2017

Oh, check me out, writing this less than an hour before 1st March.  Unfortunately, this exemplary demonstration of organisation and timeliness is not a particularly accurate summary of February and my plans for focus and progress.

(Original list is at the bottom of this post)

  1. Already done *smug*.
  2. I eventually got into my website, having mis-remembered my password, which I argue is different to having forgotten it.  I set the bar low as the achievement of cracking my password felt so real I did nothing more on my website than rejoice in having accessed it.  Does it count that I definitely thought about what I wanted to do with it a lot more than in January?  Weak, I know.
  3. Progress report on a par with last month, ie I’ve changed my work pattern but all that will end in a mere matter of days.  This needs to be worked on with uncharacteristic displays of productivity.
  4. I am writing this from Dubai and spent virtually all of February in hotels where I have indulged in buffets for up to three meals a day.  In summary, I must have meant “gain” 14lb.  In which case, well done me, I’m making good progress.
  5. Overachieving for the second month running, with 365 days of travel and portraits going well due to the fact I’ve been travelling so much, though still a bit wimpy about asking people to take their  photo.  But all in all, one of the few definite successes.
  6. I read The Girl on the Train (the murder element seemed a bit too 1980s familiar but it was an easy read), I thought I’d read another book too but if I did I’ve somehow forgotten.   I’m now reading The  Miniaturist by Jessie Burton (enjoying it a lot but I’m slightly worried it could be disappointing by the end).  I’m optimistic I’ll finish The Miniaturist and maybe even another book.  I’m feeling quietly confident about the reading of 12 books this year, already being almost a a third of the way there.
  7. I’m starting to think I’ve cracked this one as my mobile is now almost always on silent, though I have fallen back into my bad habit of reading messages and mails while walking.  Annoying habit and I need to stop.
  8. Very surprisingly, I did get rid of the five items of clothing I’d said I should do for February.  A more thorough sort is in order for March.  A credible hint of accomplishment.
  9. Again, I’ve been in Doha and Dubai and still not had a picnic, though in Doha I got a bit stressed by all the rules written out along the Corniche (earmarked picnic area) and thought I might not be allowed to eat there anyway (seriously, not exaggerating).  How hard is it to have a picnic, especially being in hot countries?  No, wait, it rained a few days in Doha, it’s rained a few days in Dubai, London and Guernsey have been wet and/or cold so what opportunities have I had?  Does an ice cream count?  No, thought not.  I did eat the top of a lunch baguette while walking in Guernsey.  Surely that counts as a picnic?  Fail.  Again.
  10. I’ve definitely not eaten as much fish in February as January but I’ve undoubtedly had more than usual.  Another success, though not exactly a sense of victory to have eaten a few fish dishes.  I really am setting myself some unexciting challenges this year.
  11. No tax return updates and my current receipt collection is even more disorganised than usual.  Oh well, got a bit of time for this one, sort of.
  12. What was I thinking putting a Christmas shopping thing on my 2017 To Do list?  ie no, of course I haven’t done any Christmas shopping.



The original list:

  1. One new country
  2. Website with clear purpose
  3. Quit steno
  4. Lose 14lb
  5. New 365 Instagram
  6. Read 12 books
  7. Mobile on silent more
  8. Reduce amount of clothes
  9. More picnics
  10. More fish
  11. Tax in May
  12. Christmas shopping by November

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